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School on 103rd Street

 "...a tightly written novel"------WASHINGTON POST

"...well executed thriller territory"------NEW YORK PRESS

"...a good fictional spin on an age-old belief."------QBR BLACK BOOK REVIEW

"...a stunning bit of campy black paranoia with a muscular integrity." -------Kirkus Reviews

" immensely readable novel whose subject matter is so highly charged that no one in America can afford the folly of
ignoring it."-------MAX E. YOUNGSTEIN, former CEO, United Artists Pictures

"...a stunning literary achievement and a frightening portrayal of what might have been and what may yet come to pass if the black American underclass does not achieve social and economic justice."-------PRICE M. COBB, M.D. Author of 'Black Rage'

"...Roland S. Jefferson has obviously been there. He knows of what he writes and his SCHOOL ON 103RD STREET is an eloquent, moving testimonial to that -------REGIS PHILBIN, KABC-TV, Los Angeles

"...THE SCHOOL ON 103RD STREET is a rich book which, together with John A. Williams' THE MAN WHO CRIED I AM and Sam Greenlee's THE SPOOK WHO SAT BY THE DOOR is at the fountainhead of black political fiction.."
-------MICHEL FABRE, Universite' de Paris 111, Sorbonne Nouvelle

School on 103rd Street

  " incredible, chilling story!"----WALTER BURRELL, Syndicated Columnist 

"...a mesmerizing fictional document that breathes life into its characters." -------NEW DIRECTIONS 

"...Timely, politically charged and necessary reading. THE SCHOOL ON 103RD STREET is just the kind of book that will knock us out of our complacent 70's attitude about black folks and justice."-------BLACK SCHOLAR 

"...interesting and provocative reading. You'll enjoy it." -------HAL DASH, KHJ Radio, Los Angeles 

"...a gripping and terrifing novel."------CHICAGO BULLETIN 

"...a gripping, frightening, not to be put down until finished novel."-------FREEDOMWAYS 

"...THE SCHOOL ON 103RD STREET fits the suspense-drama genre and it makes excellent, absorbing reading." -------BLACK BOOKS BULLETIN 

"...This is a book, to be sure, that is made of strong stuff. Jefferson pulls no important work by an exceptional talent."------


"...exceptionally skillful character studies and a rendering of the climate of our times."------


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White Coat Fever


 Stepping back from his critically acclaimed crime genre novels, Roland S. Jefferson's White Coat Fever takes the reader on a fascinating trip back in time to the exciting world of the 1960's, when Motown, Jazz and the civil rights movement defined an entire generation. And nowhere was the aspiration of upward mobility more evidenced than on black college campuses where some middle-class black women became obsessed with the idea of marrying doctors.

September, a hauntingly attractive civil rights worker who finds both love and brutality in Mississippi jails..... 

Perry, a brilliant medical student spoiled by good looks and his reputation as the ultimate womanizer...

Aiyana, a self centered predatory social climber determined to marry a doctor at any cost, even if she doesn't love him.....

Bennyboy, an idealistic and principled young medical student who shares an illicit past with a girl he once loved.....

      Here then is Roland S. Jefferson's magnificant, highly imaginative and immensely compelling story of a black cultural lifestyle at a pivotal time in four young people are plunged into the center of a raging conflict between political idealism and the relentless obsessions about class, color and romantic entitlement. But obsessions, even noble ones, can sometimes go tragically awry.....

Damaged Goods

 "Roland Jefferson has fashioned a great American heist novel as thrilling as it is entertaining."
Review by Valerie Wilson Wesley
author of
Dying in the Dark and A Tamara Hayle Mystery


"Fast paced...Roland Jefferson has crafted an L.A. mean streets winner."
Review by Robert Greer
author of
Heat Shock


"Roland Jefferson's Damaged Goods is delivered in crisp, snappy dialogue, an exciting pace, and a plot loaded with surprises. Reading it is like enjoying a suspense-filled movie."
Review by Herb Boyd
author of
We Shall Overcome and Pound for Pound

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